The best Mascara–Super Thick Lashes new review

Hello! So I recently went to put on eyeliner and realized… I forgot how!

It has been so long because I’ve used liquid eyeliner I made a mess and it did not look very good. but this is a good news / bad news situation!

The bad news is…

Yes, I don’t know how to do eyeliner anymore. It’s not like riding a bike. Jeg glemte! It might be over a year because I’ve done eyeliner!! So it was messy, uneven and squiggly.

The good news is…

One of the reasons I haven’t been doing eyeliner is that my new favorite mascara makes my lashes look so thick at the base I haven’t felt it was necessary.

(The other reasons include: I’m messy, I’m always running late and don’t have time, laziness, a sense of sadness/hopelessness that I ought to speak with a professional about and the fact that I often lose them or forget to put the cap back on and they dry out.)

The best Mascara for long Thick Lashes Review:

So I have an outstanding Mascara to tell you about and it might be replacing my old favorite which I’ve recommended for years. and I’m sharing a short video with my thoughts on it…

The best mascara for thick, full lashes and long lashes. I’ve tried them all and this mascara makes it look like I have fake eyelashes on but I don’t. It’s a great price too and available at drug stores, Target and Ulta.

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So my typical go-to mascara is Maybelline Volum’ express Colossal Mascara – I like Glam Black

I still use it and recommend it! I think it’s a great day time mascara or night time if you put on a few coats.

But the new mascara I’ve discovered is great to making my lashes look very thick and helping to define my lash line (so I didn’t feel the need for eyeliner) is:

Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara – I like Blackest Black (sometimes I use waterproof, it depends on what I’m doing)

Note: A lot of the Maybelline Mascaras have the similar names so make sure you’re getting the best one. There are similar looking tubes that also work… but I don’t like curved brushes for mascara so those don’t work for me. but figure out what works for you ? 

Try the best Mascara for long Thick Lashes here:

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