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After truly having a hard time with running lately I’ve made a decision I’m just out of my element.

I feel like I’m an African Lion. I do finest in a hot, dry climate. A location that may be thought about hellish for somebody else works fantastic for me!
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But then, I was kidnapped by some poachers as well as offered to a zoo in the Artic. as well as while I’ve tried to make peace with the hills…

and the chilly weather condition by bundling up…

I’ve realized I am produced the flat desert as well as not the hilly cold. as well as that’s okay.

I am still going to run, however I am accepting that my running has slowed (and been frustrating) since of my surroudings. At very first I was mad at myself since I felt like I was just making excuses. But, the truth is that it’s quite badass that I can even run as much as I do thinking about I am still around 15 pounds overweight as well as developed for making babies, not moving like a gazelle. (This isn’t fat-talk, it’s facts as I’m not even near the high weight for my height.)

More facts: I am a quite typical girl. I am a few pounds overweight. I like ice cream as well as chocolate. I am self concious about my body.

But, I likewise like to run. as well as thinking about the above, I’m much better at it than you would think. I’m not waiting up until I reach my goal weight. I’m not letting the hills stop me. Nix. Those things may sluggish me, however they’re not stopping me. as well as that’s okay. I’m out of my element, however I’m not out of the game.

Marathon Training: There is a major wrench in my training this weekend as we are going to Florida as well as I won’t have time for a long run. I did 8 miles today (meant to do 10, however my heart wasn’t in it).

Before I left I had a little bowl of cereal…

Long Time No Green! I haven’t had a eco-friendly Monster in the longest time. breakfast was toast with almond butter as well as a eco-friendly monster with protien powder. I likewise grabbed one more piece of bread after this. For some reason my later breakfast makes it difficult to get full!Smoothies are unusual for me in the chilly weather, however I truly desired one! So, I drank it by the heater ? issue solved.

We are leaving for Florida today around 4:30!!! I have to satisfy Ben at his work as well as we’ll drive to the flight terminal together. We must be in Sarasota around 7:30pm tonight. We’re just costs Friday night as well as Saturday with Ben’s fam as well as then we’ll be back in MD by Sunday afternoon. It’s going to be fun!!!

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